Legally Ranting

About Me

Just a regular bloke with lay opinions and views on the legal world at large. From time to time, I’ll share my law school experiences, though mostly rants. I’m mostly interested in social justice and human rights issues. On top of that, I keep a lookout for interesting intellectual property law cases as well.

The views expressed in this blog are purely my own, usually with information and inspiration taken from various sources. I cannot be held liable should you incur any losses or injury as a result of any information or advice intepreted in or from this blog. However, I will be pleased to accept all kind donations of any monetary sort.

All comments, constructive advice, recommendations, suggestions and criticisms are always welcome but I do not appreciate flaming of any sort.

During my free time, I enjoy a competitive game of tennis or dishing some blues licks on my 1989 PRS Standard 24.

My personal blog is at

I can also be reached at darryl_giggs[at]


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