Legally Ranting

Which area of law?

Posted in Criminal Law, Domestic Law, Family Law by legalrants on February 4, 2011

Sometimes, events can unfold in the most surprising of ways. Just a few months ago, I was convinced that international law was the way forward for me — I had dreamed about fighting justice from the hallowed chambers of the International Criminal Court or any of the ad hoc UN-sanctioned courts like the ICTY, ICTR etc. Alternatively, I could also see myself arguing national interests in the International Court of Justice.

Through the past few weeks, as I delved deeply into the practice of international law, particularly international criminal law, I was convinced that politics and national agendas governed its mechanisms. The United Nations, noble as it may sometimes be, is alas subject to the economic might and military muscle of the major powers. The Security Council is inherently flawed by virtue of the ability of its 5 permanent members to block a resolution with veto powers.

At the same time, a heightened awareness of domestic issues contributed to my change in direction towards domestic law. Much as law students are enticed by the glitz and glamour of a career in international law or commercial, I believe that there is insufficient attention given to social issues and notions of social justice. The reality is that there are many in a given society suffering from injustices as a result of social pressure, economic deprivation and other forms of discrimination.

I became keenly aware that a strong background in traditional areas of law such as Property, Torts, Criminal and Family Law would be essential in aiding social justice and helping the disadvantaged achieve reprieve through legal means. At the end of the day, it appeals to my inherent sense of justice as well as my inclination towards helping the needy.

Certainly, the stability of common law is a welcome reversion, away from the somewhat iffy nature of international law. Hence, I’ve made the bold decision to drop Intellectual Property Law and Public International Law, in favour of Family Law and Criminal Trial Procedure.

Hopefully, I will continually be inspired in my quest to aid social justice and be given a chance to contribute to society.